Time for more wallpaper……

Hello everyone,

The New Year is off to a great start. I’m feeling good, the family is good, its all good! So of course, instead of just allowing things to be slow and remain the same, it is time to start some more house projects. As many of you know, refreshing a house and decorating in general is extremely satisfying and therapeutic so why not?

My house was photographed last June for a yet-to-be published  magazine. (No idea which one. Really!)

I had the privilege of meeting and watching the amazing Fifi O’Neill in action.

Here she is making my bedroom look gorgeous.









The carpet doesn’t look bad in the photos, but trust me, it was hideous, and old. With kids and dogs, it was constantly filthy.  I spent nearly a year shopping around for the best deal on hardwood floors and I finally splurged and said goodbye to the carpet….



The room is quite soothing. The linens are from Pom Pom, the walls are painted Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore. (The headboard and night tables are available through my store). I like the tranquility of the room, but it is time to liven things up a teeny tiny bit, so I’ve decided to wallpaper the wall behind the headboard, just to add a pop of texture and a little bit of depth.

Robin’s egg blue is my favorite color, and there have been hundreds of prints to choose from. Rather than torture myself when I’m picking wallpaper or fabric, I usually only  choose a small handful and then I just follow my instincts. I really liked this one:






This one is also pretty, but not very interesting…




This one is fun, but the blue isn’t quite right….





I liked this one, but I wanted the wall to remain a robin’s egg blue color so this white background wouldn’t work….




I’ve always liked this paper from Cole & Son. It’s hand painted, and the pattern is beautiful. I have always liked English wallpapers, and this one has a really pretty shimmer to it. So I think this is the one….




Here it is in a bathroom…..









Let me know your opinions. I always love to hear what you think!

xo Jennifer

5 Responses to Time for more wallpaper……

  1. Christy says:

    I love the bedroom. Source for night tables? Oh…and my favorite is the first wallpaper sample!

  2. Sherrie says:

    I find myself favoring the beautiful Cole & Son paper, it has just enough of everything. It’s elegant yet not over the top and it contains a slight bit of whimsy which to me is an added bonus. Wood floors are such a good choice, years ago we had carpet put into the bedrooms of a two story tudor we built. I later wished we had stuck with wood in every room as the rooms which did contain wood floors were pulled together nicely with area rugs where needed. Have fun!


  3. Rosemary Olson says:

    Lovely bedroom!! Love the wallpaper, I do think the one you like is the prettiest color! Love your new flooring!!

  4. Beth C. says:

    I’m torn between your favorite and the first one. There’s something ethereal about the first that matches the feel of your room. But it’s difficult to decide without seeing the true scale of the paper. Seeing it in a room, like your favorite, is sooo helpful, isn’t it? You have a beautiful room to work with! BTW, Ben Moore Palladian Blue is one of my favorites. I had it on my dining room ceiling and master bedroom walls in our last house. Plan on using it on the master bedroom ceiling in our new home. Looking forward to seeing your final result! Best, Beth C.

  5. Lin says:

    They all are beautiful, but my favorite is the first one. My next would be the last one. At the risk of sounding unladylike…go with your gut!

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