Chalk Farm goes to the Remnants of The Past Show….

Hi everyone! I’m back from one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. Remnants of The Past was such an incredible show. I visited the show last October and was in awe of the creativity and beauty in each of the booths. To be asked to be a vendor was incredibly flattering, and that’s putting it mildly. Having never done any kind of antique show before, I was terrified, but the vendors were all incredibly kind to me and so supportive. The family feeling amongst everyone doing the show is really extraordinary. It was fascinating watching all of the booths being built from the cement floor up.

Once the show opened, I couldn’t believe the flurry of shoppers that descended on my booth in a matter of minutes. I was glad I photographed things before we opened, because so many of them were gone by lunchtime!

The best part of the show was meeting people I know only through the internet and all the many different people who follow my blog. It was so exciting to greet everyone in person!

I wish I had time to photograph some of the other booths, but it was so busy I didn’t have a chance to sneak away all day. Here are some photos of my booth:


I tried to create something with a bit of whimsy and I wanted to add a bit of color, albeit subtle.


Hydraengeas peeking out of a green metal storage bin.




I had a lot of different planters, most of them just old containers I had found from a few salvage yards. I love the rolls of wire.



This painting matched the real flowers and created an unexpected vignette at the entry of my booth.



Old enamelware canisters from France.



I love these old jars with their original labels from Paris.






This wonderful green bread tin has such a wonderful patina, and it looked great with the flowers spilling out of the front.



An old French bistro table stacked with treasures.



One of my favorite items was this children’s picnic table and chairs.



A couple from Oregon bought this original Dick and Jane for their new kitchen.



I love this medical book from Paris, and so does it’s new owner.



I had several collections of old children’s stacking blocks. This one is from England. It was made during WW 1, and has soldiers marching on it.



This beautiful painting was the first thing to sell. Glad I took a photo of it.



Vintage Mary Janes from the 1920’s resting on a vintage pink child’s chair.



I love how the pink flowers off-set the beautiful grey of this old metal box.



I used these paper lanterns from Paris in the booth. Glad I brought extras because you bought them all! They are available in the online store.




I love this painting with the silvery backround and beautiful flowers.



Old butcher shop stands from Paris.



This beautiful green box is from France. Behind it is an old school map.



So many of you loved the 100 wishes tickets I sold out the first day.




A vintage map of California is a pretty backdrop  for these old suitcases.



These are vintage french flash cards that were made into little journals.



This garden statue stands tall among lots of old books from turn-of-the-century France.






I love the blue and white paint on this old trunk.



Ian snapped this one of me. I think it’s the only time I took a breath!



Old religious statues from France.




Everyone snatched up my collection of French alarm clocks




A sweet vintage angel statue holds vintage letter bundles from 1940’s France.


I’ll be listing lots of remaining items on the online store this week. A special thanks to Judy Watkins for asking me to be a part of this special show and last but not least, a big, big thank you to my husband Ian. I couldn’t have done it without you. See you next time!





10 Responses to Chalk Farm goes to the Remnants of The Past Show….

  1. Joy2Journey says:

    Everything looks so so amazing! Thank you for sharing what we missed and giving us some vignette ideas :)

  2. Cyndi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could have been there.. Congratulations! xo

  3. eileen says:

    Beautiful Jen! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  4. Jenny says:

    Jennifer, you had such a sweet booth. I loved everything about it. I hope you will be back for the fall show. This show is the best.



  5. Wonderful photos!!! Almost like being there.

  6. Nikki says:

    Stunning! I want it all! Sigh :) Your booth looked amazing!!! Wish I’d been there.
    Nikki xoxo

  7. Donna says:

    Just beautiful! Love the hydrangea painting and the green bread box especially! Still love my vintage suitcases I got from your NJ home! Thanks for sharing, wish I could have been there.


  8. John Schaub says:

    Jennifer, Absolutely Beautiful!

  9. Mindy says:

    Your booth looked even more beautiful than your store (if that’s possible!). Would you happen to still have the large green box from France??? Would look fabulous with my collection :)
    In any event, congratulations on what seemed to be a successful adventure.

  10. Bethany Pete says:

    Love your space!! Wonderful, wonderful goodies…especially adore the vintage jar from Pairs & the ‘wish’ tickets.

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